Stuffs I have built, here and there

Invoice generating app [Under Development]
TypeScript Angular 2 Node.js Express.js Mongoose MongoDB

A starterkit for building Node.js / Express.js application using Typescript, Mongoose and MongoDB
TypeScript Node.js Express.js Mongoose MongoDB

Angular 2 frontend with RESTful backend using Node.js / Express.js
TypeScript Angular 2 Node.js Express.js

RESTful backend with Laravel 5.3 and Angular 2 as frontend
HTML5 CSS3 TypeScript Angular 2 Laravel

A travel app funded by the Innovation fund of A2i, Vendor: Olivine Limited . Worked on the admin panel / dashboard. Developed the REST API with Laravel (5.3) to be accessed by the mobile app.
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Bootstrap PHP Laravel SQL

Online councilor certificate system, under innovation fund of A2i. Vendor: Olivine Limited. Worked on both frontend and backend codebase. Project not live yet.
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Bootstrap PHP Laravel SQL

An agriculture portal for sharing agro-based knowledge. An initiative of A2i. Worked as part of A2i's dev team. Developed both frontend UI elements and backend modules. Project in piloting stage.
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Bootstrap PHP Laravel SQL

A web app which serves a daily feed of contents from Github (using Github's official API) based on user's preferences, developed with Angular 2 and deployed on Firebase. Developed during Angular Attack - 2016 online hackathon.
HTML5 TypeScript Angular 2 Material Lite Webpack Firebase

A travel app for guiding foreign tourists and providing a convenient navigation. Developed a working prototype with team heisenbugs (student team) during National Hackathon - 2016 and secured 2nd runner up position.
HTML5 TypeScript Angular 2 Ionic 2 Apache Cordova

A simple task manager built using hybrid mobile application framework - Ionic v.2. Developed as a personal project for learning hybrid mobile application development
HTML5 TypeScript Angular 2 Ionic 2 Apache Cordova

Angular2 + Webpack starter kit
TypeScript Angular 2 Webpack

A catering business website with an easy-to-use admin panel
HTML5 Bootstrap PHP CodeIgniter

CRUD++ with CodeIgniter (PHP framework). A collection of some handy stuffs
PHP CodeIgniter

Fun and Frolic's photography site

starter scripts for performing CRUD with Firebase
HTML5 JavaScript Firebase

A Qt (C++) application for number conversion and calculation in different bases [decimal, hexaddecimal, binary, octal]
C++ Qt

A Software that generates an Excel file (.csv) as output by sorting data from two separate Excel files (.csv) according to conditions mentioned.

A console based Software which demostrates different features of a Phone. Entirely coded in C++. The Graphical inteface is built on SFML.

A customizable "YouTube-Player" with some handy features. Built on Qt v.5.7
C++ Qt SQLite

A shooting game built with C++ and SFML.

A Game of dice. Either you win cash or you go bankrupt. Written in C programming language

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